Style - for 138 years, a fine portrait by Bachrach has been respected and admired as an elegant and tasteful expression of those you love.  No effort is spared to give you the finest portraits we know how to make.

Lighting - Our lighting style is based on the old masters.  We use as many as seven different lights at once to sculpt your face with light.  Through the artful use of light and shadow, we'll bring out your finest features.

Soft, natural posing - Most people do not like to be posed but they do want to look fantastic in their portrait.  We understand this and gently guide you into complimentary positions without posing you stiffly.  You'll be thrilled with how natural you look! We guarantee it.

Clothing - The correct clothing selection can make a huge difference in your appearance. The right clothing can make you look thirty pounds thinner.  We'll help you select clothing which will complement your natural coloring and make you look great.

Color harmony - Each and every nuance of tone and color complement all the others. The correct use of color harmony makes your portrait feel alive and gives it dimension.

Expression - A natural, characteristic expression is the key to a truly fine portrait. We'll help you relax and forget about the process entirely.  That's when great portraits are made. The lighting is perfect, the expression is characteristic, the pose looks natural, and most importantly, the eyes communicate with the camera.

Composition - This determines how well a portrait communicates with the viewer.  Artistic compositions are a trademark of Bachrach portraits.

Softness - People always say that a camera never lies.  But when the camera is placed in the hands of a true artist, the resulting images possesses the truth of a photograph, while at the same time possessing the softness and artistic feeling of an oil painting.

Background - The correct background truly makes a fine portrait.  Our custom backgrounds are designed to beautifully harmonize with the clothing tones and psychological feeling of the portrait.

Enhancing and retouching - Our artists inspect each and every Bachrach portrait. Everything from the rich colors of your eyes to the subtle tones in the background are carefully enhanced to make your portrait as fine as it can be.

What makes a Bachrach portrait so distinctive?

Example of how lighting can flatter a subject

Bad Lighting

Good Lighting

Dr. Isaac Shiff,
Massachusetts General Hospital

Robert, I wanted you to know how impressed we were with the photo shoot today. In reviewing the 40 photographs, we found there was an abundance of excellent photos that we could use. I learned so much from being part of the shoot. How you manipulated the lighting in the studio fascinated me. I couldn't anticipate the impact it would have on the photo until we saw them on the screen.

Notice how much younger and more vital this subject looks in the retouched version of her portrait.  Our artists are very careful not to go too far. We enhance your features without removing the essence of your personality. When done properly, the artwork is invisible.  You'll look radiant, well-rested and relaxed.



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