You can have your photograph created ANYWHERE you like.  In the studio - outdoors, in your home, at the beach - wherever you like.  We'll even help you decide on the perfect location.

One of the biggest challenges for a photographer is making you feel totally relaxed, and getting natural expressions. One of the best ways to do this is to create the photographs in a location that is familiar or fun for everyone.

Where is your family the most comfortable? IN OR AROUND THEIR HOME.  Imagine being a child, and instead of going to some Ęscary" studio, the photographer comes to your home, and creates fantastic photographs right there in the home or in your own backyard! How great would that be? Think of how comfortable you would feel.

How personal is a photograph of your family going to be if it's not created in a location that is beautiful and personal to you? Although we can certainly make beautiful portraits in our studio, imagine how much more meaningful your portrait will be in your home. The location will be like an additional personality in your photograph.

Yes, we can create images in the studio if you would like. In many cases, it is the best place to have your session. There are many advantages to working in the studio, but there are times when it's more appropriate to come to your home. Not only do we not mind doing location photography - we actually ENCOURAGE it.  After 138 years, we've learned that most parents prefer location portraits.

Can I have my portrait done outside the studio?

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