In today's world, people expect fast turnaround and instant gratification. To meet these demands, we have developed an exciting new way to view your portraits ten minutes after your session. Our friendly staff will project your images to life-size proportions and guide you through the selection process. We'll offer expert advice and answer all your questions. You can have your session and order your portraits all in one day.  You'll get your portraits sooner and you'll leave the studio knowing you've got great shots!

Why don't you send out proofs?

"It's great to see proofs so quickly. It was a very efficient format, the powerpoint presentation way." 
Mamata Reddy, Malden, MA

Robert D. Bachrach

Boston, MA
(617) 536-4730

Washington, D.C. Area
(703) 548-2111

New York, NY
(212) 755-6233

Philadelphia, PA
(215) 542-7454

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