When my daughter had her picture taken at school we paid for the pictures in advance, sight unseen. The photographer spent less than two minutes with her and took one shot. He didn't move the lights, he didn't move the camera, and he certainly didn't make any effort to know her, listen to her ideas or help her relax. Two weeks after the session, we were sent a packet of photographs. The picture was acceptable, not great by any means. It was a picture, not a portrait.

There are hundreds of photographers to choose from, why should I choose Bachrach over every other studio?

Portraits are a very special type of picture. Making a really fine portrait takes time.  Every subject is a unique challenge.  Most people look better on one side of their face. Some people look better standing up.  Some people have features that require a special pose and lighting to make them look their best.  We will analyze your face and use light and shadow to highlight your best features.  Every technical decision is made with one goal in mind: to flatter you to the utmost.

Above all, we'll take the time to engage you in friendly conversation so that you'll relax and forget about the process entirely.  That's when great portraits are made. The lighting is perfect, the expression is characteristic, the pose looks natural and the eyes communicate with the camera.  Great portraits capture the essence of the subject in a single moment.

Typical high school portrait

Bachrach portrait

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